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MongoDB is rapidly becoming the de facto back-end of popular mobile apps. MongoDB is both very easy to use and extremely powerful. With Canappi you can build sophisticated data driven, media centric (Using Amazon S3) and location based apps in hours or days.

We have developed a connector to MongoLab, a leading hosting provider of MongoDB instances.


Amazon S3 is on of the most popular storage service with nearly 1 trillion objects stored. With Canappi you can easily write mobile apps that store pictures or videos in S3, or use S3 as a high performance CDN.


Imagine going to a VC with your idea, right there, on your phone. With Canappi it is that easy.

But you say you can't do view design.  Not to worry, we integrate with Balsamiq, an easy to use mockup tool.  (If you are more exacting we also integrate to Interface Builder, Apple's GUI design tool.) Create your mockup and then generate an application descriptor from it  and Canappi will generate the native code for you!


In this fast paced world, you have to be first to deploy your ideas and content. Canappi enables you to build rich mobile applications on several platforms simultaneously, including their back-end data services. 


The hardest part of building a mobile application is not implementing specific features. The hardest part is learning how to put everything together: the menu, the navigation, the back-end services and the bindings to the views. Canappi walks you through a well-defined process to generate fully functioning applications. Since our code is 100%, you can look at it, borrow it, and master the entire process yourself. But we are confident you'll keep using Canappi regardless.


With Canappi you can direct your resources and time towards the most valuable features of your app. Forget about all this pesky boiler place code, forget about being off-shoring, and forget about those long debugging sessions.

While some of our competitors lock you in their proprietary platform, using arcane markup languages and can charge you up to $599/month per application for the lifetime of the application, just for the privilege to connect to back-end data services, Canappi generates optimized Web API client code that is free to use forever.



Technologies, architectures and APIs change often. Canappi allows you to build your solution in a technology and architecture neutral way. Today Objective-C, Java or C# are popular, tomorrow we can guaranty you some other technology will come along and disrupt your solution. Why would you ever want to tie your future to a single technology and (a vendor) who has no commitment to you. We have been there and done that, great companies and products get killed because the technology that made them possible goes away.  Let us monitor the landscape and help keeping you ahead of the pack.


Data Sheet

  • Eclipse based development tool, includes syntactic color coding, validation and intellisense
  • iOS 5.x code (Android 2.2 Beta is currently available, WM7 and JQueryMobile end of 2012)
  • PHP 5.2 / MySQL 5.x back end
  • MongoLab (MongoDB)
  • Balsamiq, Interface Builder integration
  • Amazon S3 support
  • Connector framework (XML, JSON)
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