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Canappi® Professional Services supports you by rapidly building cross-platform mobile applications.

Canappi® Professional Services are able to quickly develop sophisticated Converged Mobile Prototypes and Apps by leveraging the unique ability of Canappi to define your solution and generate your native mobile app code.  Canappi PS has a unique line of sight into the product management of Canappi.  Specifically, Canappi PS provides significant input into the continuous improvement of the Canappi Suite even as they build your Converged App.  Our consultants are helping deliver the modern engineering practices to the craft called Mobile Application Development thereby lowering the costs for you to have a presence in the important mobile space.

Canappi Professional Services is ready to deliver on the following Turn Key Services:

  • Mobile Prototype Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Setting Up Your Mobile App Factory
  • Mobile API Framework Kit    

Need more information email us now.

Canappi is built by passionate pragmatic people whose goal is to simplify the software development process. Innovation and Competition have produced great but fragmented technologies which comprise the mobile app stack which make it hard to build even simple solutions. Our mission is to change that, we don't aim at making it easy, we aim at making it simple. 

Canappi® is a product of Convergence Modeling LLC, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

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