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Nexus6 is a rapidly growing privately owned company that develops and manufactures solutions to monitor and increase patient adherence to prescribed therapies, leading to improved disease management and reduced healthcare costs.

Nexus6 has developed the Smart Inhaler platform, which uses wireless communications technology to provide real time data collection and reporting from drug delivery devices including asthma and COPD inhalation devices.

Nexus6 provided us with the specifications of the application they wanted to be built. They also provided the service definitions of the 3 existing services the mobile application will have to interact with to login and fetch the patient data.

The mobile application displays a complex graph of the dose the patient has taken over the past week. It also shows the corresponding data in a tabular fashion.

For privacy reasons, patients are required to login to access their data. 

The first prototype was built in less than 8 hours. Our programming model was capable to readily communicate with Nexus6 Web services (SOAP based, built with WCF) and we are using Core Plot, a rich iOS graph library to display the graph.

The graph object is integrated at the programming model level, so it required minimal programming.

At that point, the generated code was handed off to Nexus6, which had no prior iOS experience. In a matter of days, they were able to finalize the application and after extensive testing published it on the Apple App Store. 

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