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Easy iPhone 5 Screen Resolution Support with Canappi

09/16/2012 11:27 AM

Canappi is well positioned to help you create dual-resolution, dual factor apps, dual platforms. We already supported dual screen resolution for the iPhone / iPad Universal Binary model. We just released today an update to our Eclipse plugin and code generator that fully supports iPhone 5 screen resolutions. We extended our coordinate system to model a shift that is applied to the current coordinates when the app is running on an iPhone 5.

text name (10,60,100,30 + 0,10,0,2) { ... }

This means that the name textfield will be displayed at (x=10,y=60) on iPhone 4 (with a width of 100 and height of 30).  On the iPhone 5 it will be displayed at x=12, y=70 with the same width and a height 32.

So this is what you do with a single MDSL file, yes, dual resolution, dual form factor, dual platform and dual OS.




Retina Display

(iPhone 4)


(iPhone 5)



Retina Display


iOS yes yes yes yes yes
Android  yes   N/A  yes (up to 1280x720)  to be released soon  N/A


On Android we use DIP and we have experienced a really good support of various screen resolutions (from 320x480 to 1280x720)

This means that all of our customers can rapidly migrate their applications to support all these resolutions within a single MSDL file that contains:

  • two independent layouts (one per form factor phone /table).
  • the shifts to be applied for larger screen resolutions. 

This is what the MDSL file would look like:

//A single definition file to support 10 different runtime options

layout myTabletLayout {

text name (10,60,100,30) { ... }


layout myPhoneLayout {

text name (10,60,100,30 + 0,10,0,2) { ... }

tablet myTabletLayout ;


This is a tremendous validation of our approach and programming model.

We'll be releasing support for ARC and some key function of iOS 6 with our release 1.4 early October.

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