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Build Data Services in Minutes with Canappi 1.4 and MongoLab

09/24/2012 01:54 PM

We have some exciting news to report on Canappi's mobile back-end capabilities. We have used MongoLab MongoDB's hosted service for a number of projects and we have made it even easier to create data services for mobile apps using MongoLab.

All you have to do is create a data model such as that one (A job application data model ): 


Canappi generates a new MDSL file which contains 800 lines of a mobile application which can List, Detail, Create, Update and Delete any of the entities of the data model. Before you would have had to write these 800 lines by hand pretty much:

And voila, you can generate the Objective-C code for the corresponding iPhone / iPad application, including the login screen for the entities that require login (do not forget to create a hireme database in MongoLab and update the API key):

And ... well if you wanted to deploy your app using PHP/MySQL or WSO2 Data Services Server, the same data model definition enables you to do just that !

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